The Highway Code 2022

The Highway Code is essential reading for all road users, and not just those who are about to take their driving test!

Theory Test Practise Questions

These electronic versions of the official 2022 Highway Code all come complete with 200 interactive theory test practise questions to help you prepare for your driving or riding test. All versions are updated with the latest amendments. Click on the images for more information.

Highway code for carsHighway Code 2022 for Motorcycles Highway-Code-PCVHighway-Code-ADI Highway-Code-LGV
 Or if you would prefer the Highway Code without the theory test questions then this is the book you need.the new highway code 2022This is the latest copy of the DVSA’s official Highway Code Updated July 2022 with changes to the laws on the use of mobile phones, the Hierarchy of Road Users & information about self-driving vehicles. 

Once you have passed your driving or riding test, it’s all too easy to fall into ‘bad habits’ and to forget the rules of the road. However, the rules  are now available to carry around with you on your mobile device so no matter where you are, you have a handy guide to refer to.

The Code covers rules for everyone, pedestrians, riders, drivers & cyclists. If we all read the code and stick to the rules, the roads will be a much safer place.

All aspects of road safety are covered in Highway Code including general driving & riding advice and looking out for vulnerable road users. It covers driving in bad weather conditions, waiting and parking, all the way through to driving on motorways. There is advice on what to do in the event of a breakdown and how to behave at roadworks.

Useful Information

There are number of annexes, with lots of information for all road users. These include:

  • You and your bicycle
  • Motorcycle licence requirements
  • Vehicle documents and learner driver requirements
  • The road user and the law
  • Penalties
  • Vehicle maintenance, safety and security
  • First aid on the road
  • Safety code for new drivers

There are links to other websites where you can find much more information, for instance, legislation and documents, and advice about all aspects of travel and using the road.

Whether you’re a new driver or rider, or someone with experience, The Highway Code is still an important tool. If you want to stay safe on the roads, and also to help others stay safe; then now is the time to brush up on your motoring knowledge with your own copy of the official Highway Code 2022.

The book is available in several versions, each one featuring 200 theory test practise questions specifically for:


14 Responses

  1. William Arthur Shepherd says:

    I’ve been trying to obtain the latest version of the Highway Code. W.H.Smiths. is what every one else says is the main stockiest. But no, all they can give me is an updated 2016, updated to 2020. Which does not cover all of the latest rules. I’ve been a main reader since 1957, and keep check of all the new updates. having been a lorry driver and trainer for 46 years. Yes I retired 15 years ago, but still drive, and help people who ask me for help with the H.W.Code if they ask
    So please tell me where I can get, I suppose it will now be 2 versions, cars and lorries. So if I’m asked I won’t give the wrong answer.
    Thank you, William (Bill) Shepherd.

    • Don Gates says:

      Hi Bill, we reproduce the official Highway Code under licence from the DVSA. There is only one version of the code, but the ones we produce for cars & lorries include 200 interactive theory test practise questions. These include the most up to date version of the code and are Kindle eBooks. These are available from Amazon for cars and lorries. If it’s a paperback printed version you’re after then the best place will be The Stationery Office (TSO)

  2. Diane Fyffe says:

    Like Mr Shepherd, I cannot find where to buy a paper copy of the most recent Highway Code.
    It just seems to be available as an ebook.
    Please publicise when the paper copy is available as I 7nderstand the recent changes have come into force already.

    • Don Gates says:

      Hi Diane, the ‘official’ Highway Code is published by the Driving Standards Agency. UK Driving skills is licenced to reproduce the code and we have the advantage of being able to immediately update the ebook versions that we publish when changes are made see here. The official paperback version will have to wait until the DVSA are ready to publish this. You will have to contact them directly as we do not know when this will be.

  3. Roger says:

    Dear Don.

    What about a copy for motorcycles?

  4. Mari Koivisto says:

    HI, I was trying to find info about driving on single track roads but no search results.
    Could you please help: who does give needs to reverse when you are on a single track road and on a hill going up ?
    Many thanks, Mari

    • Don Gates says:

      Hi Mari – The following is an excerpt from ‘Learning to Drive – The Learner Driver’s Manual’ published by UK Driving Skills:

      ————There will normally be passing places, where the road has been widened a little to allow two vehicles to pass. Look well ahead for these, and when you spot an oncoming driver be ready to pull into a space on your left until they’ve passed. If the nearest space is on your right, then stop before reaching this so that the other driver can move into it when they reach you.

      If you’re meeting a large vehicle however, particularly if that vehicle is coming uphill, think differently. If stopping on a gradient or manoeuvring into the space might cause problems for the larger vehicle, then you may cross over to wait in the passing place on your right.

      If there are no places to pull into, you may need to drive carefully onto the grass verge to make room but be very careful. There may be ditches or soft ground where your wheels could become stuck.

      As a last resort, you may need to reverse to the last passing place you saw providing it’s safe and this isn’t too far away. ————

      When two drivers meet on a single track hill, there is no rule written to say who should give way. If a driver has to reverse however, it would be sensible for the one who has just gone by a passing place to reverse. In a 50 / 50 situation, I would suggest that it would be easier to reverse down the hill rather than up it.

  5. a human says:

    why are you hiding the the new rules due on 29jan2022? Proposed changes are no good. need the actual wording to be used.

    • Don Gates says:

      The new rules have not been officially released but will be published here as soon as they are given parliamentary approval. In the meantime you can purchase a copy of the new code here – this includes the new rules in a different font so you can clearly see where the changes are to be made.

  6. Steve Marshall says:

    Is the 1.5 metre gap between cyclist and overtaking vehicle measured from the cyclists shoulder/hip to the extremity of the vehicle i.e. wing/door mirror? And what is the “more” distance if the vehicle is travelling faster than 30 mph?

    There’s no mention of distance in the code when a vehicle is undertaking a cyclist i.e. When a vehicle is taking to the off slip lane whilst the cyclist is continuing along the carriageway.

    • Don Gates says:

      Hi Steve, I presume that common sense would suggest that passing a cyclist on the inside would need the same amount of room as when passing on the outside.

      I would also suggest that you exercise common sense and judgement when passing cyclists at higher speeds. If you require an exact measurement however, then you must approach the Department for Transport as they are the ones who write the Highway Code.

  7. Brian says:

    I went in to my local garage, and enquired whether they had the new highway code for sale.

    The reply was “What is a highway code”

    I can’t find one on any book stall so far.

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